Since ZETAS was established in 1988, we have strived to provide our clients with a fully integrated chain of services under the umbrella of Foundation Engineering Practice. These services include soil investigations, design, consultancy, implementation, monitoring and recently added, manufacturing of special tools and machinery. Today, the company together with its group companies each specialized in their field of activity, has grown to be an internationally recognized foundation engineering and contracting company.

ZETAS has been involved in a large number of Civil Engineering projects, including power plants, motorways, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, industrial structures, trade centers, treatment plants, land-fills, high - rise housing, quays, harbors and airports, for which it has been responsible for the construction and design of foundation engineering applications which include deep foundations, soil improvement and retaining structures for deep excavations.

1988Zetas was established as a small geotechnical engineering firm in Istanbul, Turkey.
1995Zetas entered into foundation engineering construction activities.
1998Reinforced Earth Insaat Proje ve Ticaret A.S. (REAS) established.
2003Zetas, Dubai, UAE Branch established.
2006Zetas-ATS Foundation Technologies LLC established in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Zemin Etüd ve Tasarim A.S., soil investigations and design company established.
2007Zemin Teknolojisi Uluslararasi A.S. established for international operations.
Zemin Teknolojisi Uluslararasi A.S. Kazakhstan branch established.
2008Z Makina Teknolojisi A.S. established.
Qatar Doha branch of Zemin Teknolojisi Uluslararasi A.S. established.
2009ZETAS-AGT MMC established in Baku Azerbaijan.
ZETAS Arabia Foundation Technology established in Jeddah, KSA
2010ZETAS APEX Foundation Technologies SAL established in Beirut, Lebanon.
SisGeo Zemin Aletsel Gözlem Teknolojisi A.S., is established for instrumentation and monitoring.
2011ZETAS became a member of Soletanche Freyssinet group of companies.
2012Georgia Batumi branch of Zemin Teknolojisi Uluslararasi A.S. established.
2013Tanzania branch of Zemin Teknolojisi Uluslararasi A.S. established.
2014Zemin Foundation Technology LLC established.

Technical Creativity

ZETAS with high level of know-how could offer the most efficient and reliable geotechnical solutions. Our team's expertise and dedication guarantee a sustained high quality of services with continuous growth towards advanced technologies in foundation engineering.

Powerful Logistics

The company put a lot of importance in meeting the needs of our clients as soon as possible. The establishment of our Istanbul / Alemdag Warehouse and Yard offers the possibility to provide timely mobilization of well maintained equipment and a continuous supply of materials to our project sites with its production and maintenance activities.

Geographical Territories where Zetas is Active


Bauer BG 28

Bauer BG 36

Bauer BG 40

Casagrande B125

Casagrande B250

IMT AF 220

Soilmec R-416

Soilmec R-618



Casagrande C6

Casagrande C6 XP Rodio

Nenzi Neva 3-5

Soilmec SM-14

Soilmec SM-400

Soilmec SM-401

Soilmec SM-405


Bauer BC 30

Bauer BC 32

Bauer MC 96

Jintai SG46

NCB Grab


Hitachi KH230-3

Liebherr HS855

Northwest 50-D


Aksa AP66 :: Generator

Aksa APD200 C :: Generator

Atlas Copco XA-125 :: Kompressör

Atlas Copco XAHS 236 :: Compressor

Atlas Copco XAHS 347 :: Compressor

Atlas Copco XAHS 416 Md :: Compressor

Atlas Copco XAHS 426 :: Compressor

Atlas Copco XAS 136 :: Compressor


Ingersoll Rand 12-235 :: Compressor

JCB-4CX-4WS-SM :: Backhoe Loader

Reverse Circulation Well Machine

SAICI :: Bentonite Mixer

Techniwell TW-351 :: JG Pump

Volvo EC290CL :: Excavator

Please CLICK HERE to download our machinery list in pdf format.

In compliance with all its legal obligations internationally; with all local legislation and regulations of the countries that they operate in; with its customer's HSE requirements; and HSE Common Rules of its partner (as Soletanche Freyssinet) ZETAS (as ZETAS Group Companies) presents Policies including commitments to all interested parties.

In conformity with its policies ZETAS is fully committed to

  • Act sensitively on environmental protection;
  • Take all required preventive actions for maintaining occupational health and safety of all employees including its subcontractors; and
  • Establish and maintain Sustainable HSE Management with the participation of interested parties.

Please you can send us all kind of suggestions / feedbacks about HSE



HSE Policies

ISO 9001 & 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certificates

HSE Awards / Other Certificates

Our HSE Organisation

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Supports Rising Values

Zetas is active and an internationally recognized brand name in foundation engineering and contracting having operations in ten (10) different countries in Central Asia and Middle East including Turkey, as well as being a part of global network of geotechnical resources and expertise.

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